Expertise | Alexandros P. Tzaveas MD, MSc, PhD
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Alexandros Tzaveas has been intensively trained in hip arthroscopy by participating in more than 200 hip arthroscopic procedures. He worked alongside the well-known orthopaedic surgeon Richard Villar, at Wellington Hospital in London (presently known as “The Richard-Bajwa Practice” in Cambridge), the center of which receives the largest number of patients treated with hip arthroscopy worldwide.

He completed the learning curve of the hip arthroscopic technique when he participated as instructor in anatomical models and cadaveric preparations of hip in the training courses organized in Great Britain by "Richard Villar School of Arthroscopy". He gained considerable experience by following up young patients with painful, non-arthritic hip, many of whom were professional athletes.

Alexandros Tzaveas showed a particular interest in research, studying the literature and publishing scientific papers. He worked extensively with the condition of femoroacetabular impingement, key elements of which are contained in his paper "Arthroscopic treatment of femoroacetabular impingement" which was published in the British Journal of Hospital Medicine.

He accepts patients with hip and groin pain from all over Greece and Cyprus and performs arthroscopic and open surgery in private hospitals “Interbalkan Medical Center” in Thessaloniki, and "Mediterraneo Hospital" in Athens.

He participates actively in orthopedic conferences in Greece and abroad as guest speaker, giving lectures on the latest advances in hip arthroscopy, and also participates as an instructor in hip arthroscopy cadaveric courses in Great Britain and other countries.

He works closely with a team of doctors, nurses , physiotherapists and occupational therapists both for preoperative planning and the postoperative course of patients , as his main belief is that the best outcome for the patient depends on the harmonious cooperation with multidisciplinary health professionals.

The therapeutic planning of his patients is based on international treatment protocols and according to the latest data of the literature. Additionally, Dr. Alexandros Tzaveas believes in the efficacy of compassionate care and pays particular attention to giving information and explanation for the patients’ orthopaedic problems and post-operative care.